Monday, September 17, 2012

First Time-Family :)

Hi Guys! It is my first time to do blogging & actually, not really sure what I'm going to blog.. haha! Maybe everything under the sun, make-ups & clothing?? Let's see.. haha! And for now, here is my first blog.

My Family

The people that is important in my life right now is my Family: My Mom & Dad for their unconditional love & to my two sisters: Kath & Kate though we sometimes argue but still we are there for each other. And finally, for the two MOST important people. Macky, I know we've been through lots of ups & downs but still here we are for 12 wonderful years. Thank you for the support and love. And to my beautiful daughter Samantha, thank you for coming & making me complete. I Love you. :)

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