Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Movie Time

Last Sunday, I decided to take Samantha to the mall, but before we went there I brought her to the office since it's just near the mall. I let her see what was my work station looks like. :) Then we decided to watch a movie which is "Resident Evil: Retribution". By the way, It's PG-13 kids are allowed to watch if accompanied by an adult. Before going inside the movie house we bought some fries, a soda for me & strawberry milkshake for Sam from NYFD. :)
While inside, I noticed the man seating beside Sam keeps looking back at her. It's not that she's "maingay" at that time but because every time "Alice" defeated the zombies/ enemies, she would clapped her hands! hahaha.. Anyway, I will not put into details everything that happened in the movie. :)

 After the movie, It's playtime!

She stay away from other kids to avoid getting bumping' with each other. 

And when I asked her to smile, she came up with this.. squeezing her face. haha..

This is it for now guys. Ciao!

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